Creating a Sober Social Lifestyle

With readmission rates for patients fighting substance abuse disorders often exceeding 25%* it is painfully clear that today’s recovery treatment centers need better tools to transition their clients to a long-term sober lifestyle.

GoHipo has tackled the ineffective aftercare problem head-on by creating a revolutionary new concept called HipoChat, a mobile social media app given to treatment center client’s upon exiting the facility.

*Sharon Reif, Ph.D., Andrea Acevedo, Ph.D., Deborah W. Garnick, Sc.D., Catherine A. Fullerton, M.D., M.P.H, ‘Reducing Behavioral Health Inpatient Readmissions for People With Substance Use Disorders: Do Follow-Up Services Matter’,

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GoHipo App

Powerful after-care mobile application

HipoChat is a blend of a familiar and easy to use social media app with back-office medical communications powered by DrFirst’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging platform, Backline – one of the most trusted names in healthcare. Using HipoChat, clients in recovery receive constant motivation and stay closely connected to the critical support networks that help prevent relapse.

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Sober Social App Features
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    Preloaded staff and medical contacts at time of facility discharge

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    “My Center” page that can send supportive and motivational content from the facility to the client

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    HIPAA-compliant communication sessions for MAT consultations and treatments

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    One click “trigger button” video calls to friends, family and facility staff

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    Sobriety clock and rewards for motivation and positive reinforcement

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    Sharing text, pictures and video post to an active community of people living a healthy sober lifestyle

Available on App Store and Google Play

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Familiar, Effective and Easy to Use


Secure Messaging

Seamless connection to DrFirst Backline HIPAA compliant secure healthcare messaging to medical professionals. Telemedicine & eRX coming soon!

Relapse Prevention

Video “Trigger Button” button to prevent relapses by connecting with support network using video messaging.

Maintaining Aftercare Connection


Social Networking

Maintain strong connections to support network of family, friends and rehabilitation facility staff

Motivational Content

Send motivational messages and images from the facility to maintain a continuous aftercare connection.

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