What we do

Our GoHipo Platform ensures Continuity of Care: Evaluation, Stabilization and Recovery

Providing technology to professionals servicing the behavioral health and addiction industries and giving support and comfort to those struggling with addiction.

What We Do for Treatment Centers and Practitioners

  • Cost-effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that does not require heavy installation, have any hidden fees or long contract requirements
  • EMR Integration Adaptor allows HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and Tap & Drop data to be loaded into any supported device
  • Real time alerts to all staff!
  • Meets The Joint Commission standards
  • Secure transmission of forms and PDF documents
  • Share time-stamped documents or images
  • Group Messaging for: Labs, Pharma, Docs, Patients, Family and more!
  • Telehealthcare functionality

What We Do For Those in Recovery

21.5 million nationwide

  • Client-facing social medial app with tools for continued interaction between treatment centers and existing and form clients
  • Works on both the desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android)
  • One-click, emergency “Trigger Button” to provide immediate contact with treatment center during critical moments for clients
  • “Care Connection” motivational content pushed to clients to provide daily affirmations and information about social networks and meetings
  • Personalized sober community building with others in recovery








  • Tap & Drop
  • Secure Messaging
  • Sober Social App
  • Cash Card

Tap & Drop

  • Ensures that lab results opened and reviewed by primary care givers in a timely manner
  • Creates and attaches a certified, time-stamped record of the review activities
  • Results flow from laboratory portal to treatment facility’s EMR as required Evidenced Based Care documentation needed for insurance claim reimbursement
  • Patent pending
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Secure Messaging

  • Secure and compliant communication between staff and rehabilitation patents
  • Greatly improves communication efficiencies between healthcare providers and mitigates compliance risks
  • EMR Integration Adaptor allows HIPAA-compliant Secure Messaging and Tap & Drop data to be loaded into any supported device
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Sober Social App

  • Familiar, easy to use mobile Social Network application
  • On discharge pre-loaded with support staff contacts from treatment center
  • One click emergency Trigger Button to help guide away from relapse situations
  • Regular motivational content pushed to mobile device
  • If needed, easy path back to facility reducing time and cost for readmissions
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Cash Card

  • Restricted debit card allows treatment facilities and/or family members to add, remove, restrict and monitor the use of funds
  • Easily add funds when needed
  • Granular control on how card is used such as limiting to certain items or times of use
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We help improve life quality of people in addiction
recovery and provide better management
for treatment facilities

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