About us

Helping addiction recovery patients

We are deeply connected to the behavioral health industry: Founder, owner/operator of Detox/RTC facilities Recognized Industry Expert & Speaker Leadership in MAAT/WAAT Member of American Society of Addiction Medicine MD with Expertise in Detox Large Network of Treatment Facility Contacts Relationships with Rehab Industry Influencers Expertise in Large Scale Internet solutions

GoHipo Cash Card

Cash card given to induvial in recovery that can be controlled and monitored by family and support staff.

Motivational Content

Motivational affirmations and other positive content pushed to Sober Social App on a subscription basis.

Tigger Button

“Call for help” help prevent relapses by immediately connecting with support members

Sober Social App

Social Media mobile app to stay connected with support group and facility

Secure Messaging

HIPAA compliant secure healthcare Worker messaging

Tap and Drop

Patent pending Evidence Based Care technology

We help improve life quality of people in addiction
recovery and provide better management
for treatment facilities

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