Solutions for treatment facilities and healthcare providers that save time, save money and reduce compliance risk

PROBLEM: Compliance fines and penalties

Cumbersome and outdated communication processes result in non-HIPAA compliant communication within a treatment facility.

A HIPAA violation can lead to fines up to $1.5 million, sanctions, and potentially loss of license.

SOLUTION: HipoCare Secure Communication Platform

  • Secure and compliant communication via text messaging, video and advanced encrypted email transmissions.
  • Greatly improves communication efficiencies between healthcare providers in rehabilitation chain of care and mitigates compliance risks and HIPPA violations and fines.
  • Additional functionality includes sending insurance verification of benefits (VOB) request forms to patients along with surveys such as a PHQ-9.

PROBLEM: Delays & Denials of Lab Insurance Payments

Medicare’s national claims denial rates for laboratory tests can exceed 39%. Almost all direct costs associated with tests forfeited by the laboratory or responsible party. Many submissions do not satisfy medical necessity requirements or insufficiently documented as required by Medicare.

SOLUTION: HipoCare Tap & Drop

  • Ensures that lab results opened and reviewed by primary care givers in a timely manner.
  • Creates and attaches a certified, time-stamped record of the review activities.
  • Results flow from laboratory portal to treatment facility’s EMR as required Evidence Based Care documentation needed for insurance claim reimbursement
  • Patent pending.